Maryland Development Center

Aldo Iacono, MD


Aldo Iacono is a Partner of the Maryland Development Center. In addition to his responsibilities at MDC, Dr. Iacono is Director of Lung Transplant Surgery and Hamish S. and Christine C. Osborne Professor in Advanced Pulmonary Care at the University of Maryland Medical School. Dr. Iacono joined the University of Maryland faculty from University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine where he served as Medical Director of Lung Transplantation.

Dr. Iacono has established a national reputation as an outstanding transplant pulmonologist and a translational investigator focusing on novel anti-rejection therapy. He has been a leader in developing aerosolized antirejection therapy to reduce the incidence of chronic lung transplant rejection and minimize systemic side effects of antirejection medications.

Dr. Iacono is co-founder and Director of the MDC portfolio company Aerea Medical Systems, Inc.